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Flexible Structure Building Capability of Earnings & Deductions


  • Add or modify salary components (earnings & deductions)
  • User-defined entry field
  • Taxable & non-taxable earnings for income tax calculation
  • Payslip
  • Calculation based on attendance
  • Monthly or yearly payments

Leave Management


  • Different types of leave (customisable leaves)
  • Location wise leave
  • Carry forward facility for leave balance
  • Encashment of leave/ Encashment in excess of leaves
  • Leave balance can be checked
  • Attendance/ leave ledger

Attendance Management


  • Online attendance capture
  • Manage employee attendance, permission, late coming, etc.
  • Advanced shift work shifts & shift rotation
  • Integration with payroll software

Payroll Processing


  • Input information for all newly joined employees and exit left employees
  • Create new payroll month & process salary
  • Salary on hold in certain conditions
  • Automatic salary calculation
  • Process, print & download payslip
  • Reimbursement & arrears calculation
  • Other calculations (overtime, gratuity, bonus, etc)

Tax Management


  • PF calculation & deduction
  • ESIS calculation & deduction
  • Professional tax calculation & deduction
  • Income tax calculation & deduction

HR Functions


  • Employee information & photo
  • Employee contact details & emergency contact details
  • Work experience & achievements
  • Document details (pan, adhar, passport, visa, voter ID, driving license, bank account details)
  • Departments/ grades/ designations/ locations management



  • Output reports to screen, printer & pdf

Employee Self Service


  • Employee dashboard (secure login)
  • Mark attendance & check history
  • View leave balance & apply for leave
  • Update & claim expenses
  • View work shift & holidays
  • Employee handbook

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