Best Inventory Management Software

Enjoy the automated asset tracing, warehouse and manufacturing operations with a real time data that gives information about ongoing workflows and operations.


Control inventory using the ERP system

For businesses which manage inventories, keeping up to the minute information regarding the inward and outward flow of inventories in your warehouse remains to be a significant and challenging task. Even the slightest of error in the data can lead to major business losses.


We provide with an all-inclusive ERP solution that enhances the efficiency of the firm by linking all the departments across the firm with an ERP system, deducting the occurrence of data corruptions while transferring of information.


Access real-time inventory from anywhere. Anytime

Efficient management of the inventory is the most important yet difficult task for any business. Owing to this, our ERP system poses itself as the most competent inventory management system that forms the backbone of any business management software.


getERPnow is the connecting software for different departments of the organisation including warehouse, inventory, sales and finance, allowing them to operate over same data. This brings everyone on the same page resulting in efficiency in fulfilment of orders, decrease in back orders, fewer inventor turnovers and increased accuracy rates in shipping and receiving procedures.


  • Lower inventory cost
  • Inventory movement report & stock status report
  • Time saving
  • Reduce liabilities & increase turnover and revenue
  • Expense tracking
  • Real time inventory control
  • Increase work efficiency and reduce labour cost
  • Easy to manage multiple warehouse and branches

Features of Inventory Software

  • Vendor Management
  • Product Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Stock Management
  • User Management
  • Order Management
  • Stock Transfer
  • Stock Ledger

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