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Ensure incessant workflow of your business with getERPnow Order Management and Point of Sale (POS) software.


Manage Point of Sale through ERP system

For every transaction, a firm requires great vigilance to manage orders while it moves through multiple gateways. Efficient or miss-management of order at any stage can lead to promptness or derailing of invoice, vendor agreement or customer relationship. A successful and stress-free transaction can be ensured only if an all-inclusive and connection software is installed that tracks orders from the point of placement to its delivery.


getERPnow simplifies and accelerate the fulfillment of every order without worrying about whether the point of entry is in store, over the phone or via an e-commerce transaction. Each and every entry moves through an automated and well-connected system due to the amalgamation of inventory and order management systems. The same real-time information is possessed by warehouses and back offices which work towards refining the speed and accuracy of sales, refilling and invoicing.


Prepare yourself for BOPUS?

In the present scenario, the trend of Buying Online and Picking up in Store (BOPUS) is at a rise. Customers are adopting this trend to save out on shipping cost or to check an item before buying. getERPnow provides with a well-connected system that runs throughout the organisation making the original point of sale unimportant and equipping organisations to adapt to changing buying habits.

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